Creative Writing Club

Here are some of the 80 word stories that students have submitted for a competition entitled: Around the World in 80 Words.


Secret Apocalypse

By Daniel, Year 8

Eighty years after World War Three in the year 2118, three boys were held in an underground bunker somewhere near London for safety.  They had no idea of what was happening; it was all quiet, no London buses, no anything.  It was like an apocalypse, maybe even an alien apocalypse.  There was a guy dressed in army uniform lying dead on the floor: cold, bloody, short of food and assassinated.  All I know is that London is dead....


Hunting Rome

By William, Year 8

It leapt; the gaping hole beneath, beckoning him to fall to its grasp.  Its world seemed in slow motion, life slowly slipping away.  But against all odds, two legs and two legs again, it landed. As its head turned, enemy closer than ever, it pounced again from one rooftop to another, the streets of Rome metres below its feet.  Fiery lamps illuminated the crumbling stone walls.  Dead end.  It turned.  The net was thrown, the fox was caught.


The Piece of Cheese in Skyrim

By Leo, Year 7

 John found a piece of cheese but the mouse took it and ran into its hole.  A skeever ate the mouse, then a cat ate the skeever, then a dog ate the cat.  Afterwards, a tiger ate the dog, next a sabre-toothed tiger ate the tiger.  Then a bear ate the sabre-toothed tiger.  Finally, John killed the bear and got his cheese back.


The Legend of Scipiria Mountain

By Dominic, Year 7

Ben steered the Radiant Light through the fresh air as the patchy canvas sails wavered, while the rusty propellers spun rapidly.  Suddenly, a puffy hand appeared in the quickly darkening sky.  A finger pointed towards the ship and shot a bolt of lightning, electrifying the ship, leaving a substantial hole.  It was sickening, being stuck in this chaos.  The sacred mountain didn’t want him here but Ben increased the throttle of the battered, old engine.  All hell broke loose.


Death on the Loch

By Gemma Year 7

A breath, that’s all it took.  The Loch ness monster turned and suddenly the memory of my father’s death came to my mind.  He had been ripped to shreds by…. No, she couldn’t say the name of the murderess.  I, Beth Shamrock, for once in my life, was scared out of my wits.  The Scottish highlands when you are faced with death, become a dark, sad, evil place.  As the monster lunged, Beth regretted killing her father.














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