Toby's Room and Journey's End Coursework

Some resources to help you:


Art presents warArt presents war (4.9 MB)

Attitudes towards warAttitudes towards war (258.93 KB)

Henry tonksHenry tonks (8.94 MB)

Henry tonks 1Henry tonks 1 (8.94 MB)

The art of repressionThe art of repression (304.8 KB)

Toby s roomToby s room (32.15 KB)

Context toby s roomContext toby s room (267.24 KB)

Critical reception from wikipediaCritical reception from wikipedia (17.28 KB)

Death and incestDeath and incest (20.9 KB)

Guardian reviewGuardian review (26.05 KB)

Hamish hamiltonHamish hamilton (17.97 KB)

Independent reviewIndependent review (19.29 KB)

Interview with pat barkerInterview with pat barker (115.42 KB)

Kate braithwaiteKate braithwaite (55.2 KB)

Kirsty hewittKirsty hewitt (16.5 KB)

Michael leonardMichael leonard (21.08 KB)

Telegraph reviewTelegraph review (19.63 KB)

The weak middle of a good trilogyThe weak middle of a good trilogy (24.49 KB)

Washington times reviewWashington times review (21.96 KB)

Linking the two textsLinking the two texts (56.99 KB)

Planning your courseworkPlanning your coursework (38.35 KB)



Responses to the play over timeResponses to the play over time (513.13 KB)

Review 3Review 3 (14.69 KB)

1929 review1929 review (1.4 MB)

HardyanswersHardyanswers (165.53 KB)

RaleighanswersRaleighanswers (166.22 KB)

StanhopanswersStanhopanswers (168.41 KB)

Journey s end critical reception 1Journey s end critical reception 1 (70.57 KB)

Journey s end lesson twoJourney s end lesson two (38.56 KB)

Journey s end lesson two 1Journey s end lesson two 1 (38.56 KB)

Journey s end lesson 3Journey s end lesson 3 (538.61 KB)




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