Christina Rossetti

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Background: Introduction to rossettiIntroduction to rossetti (7.37 MB)  An introduction to christina rossettiAn introduction to christina rossetti (63.24 KB)

Context:Recap on context rossettiRecap on context rossetti (1.36 MB)

Maude Claire: Maude claire 1Maude claire 1 (49.57 KB) Maude clare the poemMaude clare the poem (12.5 KB)

No, Thank you John: No thank you john 1No thank you john 1 (337.37 KB) No thankyou john 1No thankyou john 1 (12.24 KB)

Goblin Market: Goblin marketGoblin market (3.44 MB) Goblin market 1Goblin market 1 (22.29 KB) The angel in the houseThe angel in the house (36.5 KB) Notes on language form and structureNotes on language form and structure (17.85 KB) Recording quotesRecording quotes (12.99 KB)

Birthday: A birthday imagesA birthday images (4.47 MB)

Echo 1Echo 1 (437.94 KB)

From the antique 1From the antique 1 (257.02 KB)

Good friday 1Good friday 1 (185.23 KB)

In the round tower at jhansi june 9In the round tower at jhansi june 9 (276.49 KB)

RememberRemember (61.19 KB)

Remember prezziRemember prezzi (37.26 KB)

Shut out 1Shut out 1 (2.17 MB)

Soeur louise de la misericorde 1Soeur louise de la misericorde 1 (61.08 KB)

Twice 1Twice 1 (1.2 MB)

Up hillUp hill (957.59 KB)

Song 1Song 1 (42.91 KB)

Winter 1Winter 1 (69.3 KB)

Year 12 exam prepYear 12 exam prep (60.79 KB)


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