Mock exam revision for January 2018

Here are the resources for Revise Five Mock Exam revision:



English Revise Five: Mock Exam Revision






Date Set:

Due In:

Poetry 1

Re-read your annotated anthology poems alongside the A3 revision sheet. Complete the Bronze, silver or gold task at the bottom of the revision sheet.

Poetry 2

Use the revision materials to complete the Sample Questions booklet for those poems you have studied.

Macbeth 1

Read and revise from the Macbeth Revision PPT on:

Macbeth 2

Have a go at the exam practice paper given out in class. (Also on website).  OR: Write two evaluative paragraphs about the extract.

Eng. Lang. Paper 1

Read the Paper One Revision Pack on the website and revise the ‘formulas’ on the treasury tagged revision cards.



Macbeth PPT: Macbeth revisionMacbeth revision (3.06 MB)

Macbeth Practice Question (with advice): Macbeth exam questionMacbeth exam question (18.1 KB)

English Language Paper One revision and practice:

Paper one revision packPaper one revision pack (114.85 KB)






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