Language Paper two

Language Paper Two

Paper Two: Writers' Viewpoints and Perspectives

Pocket size aide memoirs to help you with Paper Two: Section A: Revision cards 1Revision cards 1 (33.12 KB)

What will Paper One look like?  The following document shows you the style of questions and the assessment criteria for Paper One.Gcse english language paper 2Gcse english language paper 2 (29.01 KB)

Help with sentence starters for Section B: Sentence starters 1Sentence starters 1 (18.06 KB)

Practise Paper Two at home: Practice paper 2Practice paper 2 (315.64 KB)

Section B Writing: English language paper 2 section bEnglish language paper 2 section b (612.49 KB)

Feedback to Paper Two reading Mock: Feedback to mockFeedback to mock (263.52 KB)

Some Mini Mocks - brilliant for some quick revision/practice tasks: Mini mocks paper 2Mini mocks paper 2 (144.1 KB)

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