Language Paper One

Language Paper One

Paper One: Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing


What will Paper One look like?  The following document shows you the style of questions and the assessment criteria for Paper One. Gcse english language paper 1Gcse english language paper 1 (25.72 KB)

Pocket Size Aide Memoirs: Revision cardsRevision cards (34.87 KB)

This is the revision Pack you were given before the Paper One Mock: Paper one revision pack 1Paper one revision pack 1 (114.85 KB)

PPTs from lessons on Paper One (using the revision pack above): Question 1 and 3Question 1 and 3 (8.19 MB)   Question 3 structure 1Question 3 structure 1 (65.12 KB)   Question 7Question 4 (60.08 KB)  Section b writing 1Section b writing 1 (4.86 MB)

Practice Paper to try at home: Practice paper onePractice paper one (155.55 KB)

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