GCSE Literature: Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde Catch-up and Revision....

 Use the resources below to help you to test your knowledge of the novel.....

Chapter One

chapter-one.pptx chapter-one.pptx

Chapter Two

chapter-2.ppt chapter-2.ppt

chapter-2-3-1.ppt chapter-2-3-1.ppt

Chapters Three and Four

chapter-3-and-4.ppt chapter-3-and-4.ppt

Chapter Five

re-cap-chapters-1-4.pptx re-cap-chapters-1-4.pptx

chapter-5.ppt chapter-5.ppt

vocab-call-my-bluff.ppt vocab-call-my-bluff.ppt

Chapter Six

understanding-chapter-6.pptx understanding-chapter-6.pptx

language-analysis.docx language-analysis.docx

Chapter Seven

chapter-7.pptx chapter-7.pptx

Chapter Eight

chapter-8.ppt chapter-8.ppt

Chapter Nine

chapter-9.ppt chapter-9.ppt

language-analysis-1.docx language-analysis-1.docx

Chapter Ten

re-cap-chapters-5-9.pptx re-cap-chapters-5-9.pptx

chapter-10.ppt chapter-10.ppt


Re-cap the plot with this Picture Book...

Watch this slide show to help you to understand and revise the PLOT of Jekyll and Hyde: jekyll-and-hyde-the-picture-book.pptx jekyll-and-hyde-the-picture-book.pptx


Chapter summariesChapter summaries (17.07 KB)








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