Students' Writing

Enjoy these creative pieces of writing from students at The Sele School....


Paint me Mr Snake!Untitled

Written by Ellie in 7 Bayley


He stealthily slivered and surfaced the ground,

From his artistic burrow under the town,

The snake that was spotty with red pencil lines,

Drawn over his body

From his mother at five.


The snake is an artist,

He’s widely known in Paris,

With paintings sold millions,

He has bought his own terrace.


With a swish and a flick,

He worked with Van Gogh,

Snake was the one that bit his ear off.


Guess who painted the Mona Lisa,

No, not Da Vinci,

The snake – that lying teaser!


The snake grabs his brush,

With his golden capped teeth,

And paints beautiful paintings

Though some may not believe.


He has his own house,

In every single country, from terraces in Paris,

And a villa in Germany.


How did snake find fame and luxury you ask?

Well all because his dad is…

Snakey Moore!




By Rhianna in7 Castle

Tom wandered through the dark woods; it was getting late but he didn’t really care.  He knew that he would find it soon and he wasn’t giving up.  All of a sudden, he heard the leaves rustling.  Tom was getting worried.  Should he carry on or not?  He made up his mind…there was no going back.

After a little while, Tom found it – exactly what he was looking for!  He was on a mission this whole time but now it was over.  Tom had found the house, the house where his long lost sister was…

He opened the squeaky, old door leading to the hall.  He could hear something; someone was talking.  Tom had hope that it was her.

He was scared to open the next door.  What if he was wrong all along?  He did it anyway.  There she was, sitting on the chair.

“Hello.” She said…